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Privacy Policy:


By creating an accountwith Chatcasa, LLC (‘Chatcasa’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’) via Facebook login, you have agreed to Chatcasa’s Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy for Chatcasa can be changed or updated to reflect our growing mobile application. When changes or updates are made, we will provide a one month window for our users to review before the new changes or updates take effect. We will notify our users of any changes or updates on the Chatcasa page, so follow Chatcasa for up to date information.


Effective Date: December 12, 2020

Revised Date: December 12, 2020


A: What Chatcasa Stores


User Profile Data

  • The information we collect is provided by you. 

  • When you do a Facebook login or Sign in with Apple to create an account with Chatcasa, we do not store your email. 

  • After you have logged in, we ask for you to provide a truthful birthday. We use your birthday to protect our under 18 users from finding posts of users 18 and over in the Local Discovery page. At the same time, our users who are 18 and over cannot find posts from our users who are under 18 in the Local Discovery page. But posts shared publicly can be seen by anyone using Chatcasa in the profile pages and home/following page, with no age restrictions. If you don’t want your posts to be viewed by the public, we provided a private personal channel option for you to share your posts with your friends. 

  • Other optional information we store are user handle, profile picture, name, and bio. All users of Chatcasa have an option to change their user handles. User handles are public and searchable. We offer you an option to provide your own user handle or stick with the one that was randomly generated upon initial sign up. 

  • Also, your filter by and sort by selections, favorite hashtags, and favorite locations are stored to better your experience in the Local Discovery page.


Posts, Comments, Participations, and Interactions

  • Any posts or comments that you’ve made publicly or privately in your chat channels, including post description, images, and the many post options we offer are stored. 

  • We do not store your current location, but when you select a location via Google Place search for your post, that data is stored as part of the post. That information will deleted if you delete that post.

  • When you interact with other users by participating in a post, following, friending, adding friends to channels, blocking, and reporting, they are also stored. 

  • If you feel uncomfortable about your information being stored, please do not post, comment, participate in posts, or interact with other users. You have the option and choice as to what you can and won’t provide to us.


B: Why Chatcasa Stores Your Information

  • To better your experience on Chatcasa, the stored information helps us to try to provide a safer environment for you and our other users. 

  • It also helps us to better identify our good users from those who break the rules. 


C: Account Deletion

  • At any time you want to delete your account, you can do so by going into your edit profile page.

  • When an account is deleted, most data stored will be removed from our database. 

  • The data deleted includes: following/follower connections, friends connections, channels you’ve created, channels you are in, location filter and sort preferences, pending friend requests, favorites hashtags and location, and posts.

  • Comments are not deleted completely, but its data contents are updated to blank data and will be shown as deleted in posts with no link to your identity. 

  • Reports, warnings, and your block list are not deleted.

  • Once you have deleted your account, the data removed from our database cannot be recovered.



If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please email us at

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