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Terms of Use:


By creating an account with Chatcasa, LLC (‘Chatcasa’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’) via Facebook login, you have agreed to Chatcasa’s Terms of Use. 


This Terms of Use for Chatcasa can be changed or updated to reflect our growing mobile application. When changes or updates are made, we will provide a one month window for our users to review before the new changes or updates take effect. We will notify our users of any changes or updates on the Chatcasa page, so follow Chatcasa for up to date information.


Effective Date: December 12, 2020

Revised Date: December 12, 2020


A: Chatcasa Introduction

  • Chatcasa wants to create a safe environment for everyone. In order to do so, we all must do our part and follow the rules. 

  • This Chatcasa Terms of Use (‘Terms’) sets your agreement of conduct when using the mobile application (’Service’, or ‘Services’) provided by Chatcasa. 

  • We want you to enjoy your time using all the features that Chatcasa has provided. At the same time, please be thoughtful of others and follow the Terms that you are bound by when you use Chatcasa. If you are in disagreement with these Terms, please feel free to delete your account if you have one with us. You can do so by going into your edit profile page.

B: Use of Service

  • Chatcasa grants you permission to freely explore our Service as long as you abide by our Terms.

  • We do not take ownership of your profile, posts, comments, texts, images, videos, links, or other information (‘Contents’) that you and others share. By sharing your Contents with us, you agree to not share Contents that you do not have the rights to. You are liable for your Contents. 

  • By sharing with Chatcasa your public Contents, you grant us a worldwide license that is royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferrable, and sub-licensable in which we can use, host, modify, translate, distribute, display, perform, store, adapt, copy, and alter derivative works of your Contents. With your agreement, we never take ownership of your Contents with this agreed upon worldwide license. 

  • We are not held accountable for Contents that you or any other users express, publicly or privately in channels. You are held accountable for any and all of the Contents you share and express when using the Service.

  • We prohibit you from using our Service to reverse engineer any part of our Service so that you could build a replica or a competitive product, application, or service.

  • We are not liable to you for any changes, updates, suspensions, or removing of any features of the Service we provide. We have the absolute right to change, update, suspend, or remove any feature or all with or without notifying you.

  • We are not under any obligation to reward or compensate you for offering ideas that we may use. The ideas offered or suggested may or may not already be on our roadmap for future features. 

  • We reserve the right to change your user handle or remove Contents if it infringes on others’ intellectual properties. 

  • You may not use our Service to interrupt our functional Services in which it was originally designed and developed. 

C: Rules for Profiles, Posts, Channels, and Comments

  • Contents containing abusive behavior, slander, harassment, bullying, violent intentions towards any person or groups of people, or illegal activity will not be tolerated.

  • Contents containing nudity/nsfw materials, illegal minor contents, or the objectification of real people are not permitted. You will be dealt with.

  • We offer you the option to mark a post as an Ad if the post is paid or is an exchange of publicity for free/discounted stuff, so please mark it as such.

  • When creating a trivia post, falsifying information will not be tolerated.

  • Spam and bot accounts will be suspended permanently. We will do our best to control the infestations. Please report all bots and spam contents and activities.

  • Impersonating anyone or someone else’s business will you get suspended.

  • Distributing Contents (such as malicious code, worms, viruses, or others) that will harm Chatcasa and the community will not be tolerated. Punishment will be severe.

D: Reports, Warnings, and Suspensions

  • We offer our users the option to report other users. We will determine if the report breaks our rules or not.

  • If the user breaks our rules, depending on the severity, we will warn them and issue warning points.

  • If a user reaches the allotted warning points, their account will be suspended for a period of time. 

  • During a suspension, you will not be able to access your account until the suspension is over. 

  • Suspensions can be temporary or permanently (ban), depending on the severity. 

  • Chatcasa has no responsibility to monitor your Contents, but if we come across it or if it’s reported, we reserve the right to remove your Contents without having to notify you for violating our Terms. We will handle all suspensions, removals, and bans with fairness.



If you have questions regarding this Terms of Use, please email us at

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